Empowering Women

Historically, the art of handweaving was passed down from father to son and, for some of the heavier looms, men remain the primary weavers. However, more recently as designs have become more sophisticated and patterns more intricate, women have been carrying on the tradition. This new model has allowed for apprenticeship opportunities for women, where they can now earn a sustainable income as weavers.

This is the model we employ at Paradise Fashion. Since 1992, Genet Kebede, our founder and Ethiopian fashion designer, and her largely female team have been designing authentic, high-quality, Ethiopian women’s clothing that enrich the cultural heritage of Ethiopia with modern design. For us, it is a celebration of our history, the opportunity to share the beauty of this tradition with the world and a way to empower more women to live to their full potential with the support of a sustainable income for themselves and their families.

All of our products are developed by our in-house artisans, inspiring and empowered women who are making their communities better places to live and work. These are just a couple of their stories.